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All the Best in Tennis Odds in the one Locatation

All the Best in Tennis Odds in the one Locatation

About Us

Internet Digital Media Australia (IDM) is a small Java development business. It is run from a virtual office, which means that the business has no permanent fixed address. Work is carried out from home offices which is a very good way of controlling costs. It could be said that the head office is located in Yamba, a beautiful seaside town in Northern New South Wales

The sports betting and tipping websites were started in 1996, and have brought entertainment and information to hundreds of thousands sports fans from over 100 different countries.

Whilst these websites are an outstanding showcase for IDM's Java expertise, IDM's main business is providing Java programming to other internet companies around the world.

Clients from the past and present include
Jackpot Joy UK's leading online soft casino games
Mars Incorporated Owner of the Mars Bar, M&Ms, Pal & Kitty Cat etc etc etc
VIPSports - One of the world's best online sportsbooks
The Sydney Roosters - Offical website of the Sydney Roosters
The Penrith Panthers - Offical website of the Penrith Panthers
The Canberra Raiders - Offical website of the Canberra Raiders
Soccer.com - The original soccer store

There have also been over 100 other websites that have added our content to their website, complete with their look, feel, navigation, and advertising. For more information, please visit our Affiliate Program

If you would like to contact IDM Australia, please fill in the feedback form